Current Courses

I am the Lecturer-In-Charge at UNSW for the following courses:

ECON 4100: "Advanced Microeconomic Analysis"
Term 1 2024

ECON 5100: Master's level microeconomics
Term 1 2024

Previous Courses

I have been a Teaching Fellow at Harvard for the following courses:

ECON 2010A: First-year Ph.D. game theory
Professor Eric Maskin
Fall 2019*-2021*
[Complete section notes: 2021]

ECON 1033: "The Economics of Networks" (Undergraduate) & ECON 2034: "Networks" (Second-year Ph.D.)
Professor Benjamin Golub
Spring 2020

ECON 1052: Undergraduate game theory
Professor Shengwu Li
Spring 2021*

ECON 2070: "A Computer Science Toolbox for Modern Economic Theory" (Second-year Ph.D.)
Professor Yannai Gonczarowski
Spring 2022

* Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching (x3)